Should alcohol companies be allowed to

A ban on alcohol sponsorships will just be pointless

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Alcohol ads should be banned from sporting events, says study

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Should alcohol companies be allowed to sponsor sport events?

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Alcohol Advertising

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Do you provide alcohol: beer, wine, or spirits, for employees to drink at work-related events? If so, you’ve probably spent time thinking about whether this is a good want your employees to enjoy their work-related events and parties, but you also want to keep your employees safe.

Alcohol and tobacco companies should be allowed to air their advertisements at any time. It is up to the consumers they are reaching to decide whether or not they want to purchase their goods.

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Alcohol advertising is no exception. And, as is the case with most advertising, alcohol advertising makes the product look great!

Providing a Foundation for Lasting Recovery

Alcohol ads typically associate a brand with cool, sexy people and a fun activity. Alcohol companies should be under the same restrictions as cigarette companies and should not be allowed to advertise on television.

Henry Ziperman, News Editor.

Ultimate Paleo Guide to Alcohol

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Should alcohol companies be allowed to
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